Water Supply

Water supply is a complex of buildings that provide water supply from water intake facilities to the consumer.
Remvodplast Plus offers its services for the design and installation of indoor and outdoor water supply systems.

Design of the water supply system:

Today Remvodplast plus provides the following services:

  • Design of water supply system: development of water supply schemes, balance calculations, hydraulic calculations, and full economic calculation
  • Design of external and internal water supply systems, systems for landscaping (automatic watering)
  • Compilation of design and estimate documentation with the selection of materials, equipment, calculation of labor costs, economic feasibility
  • Warranty, post-warranty and service maintenance and modernization.

Our company performs design of internal and external water supply networks for buildings and construction of civil and industrial use. A list of completed projects can be found in the section “Facilities”

Installation of water supply:

Extensive experience in the installation of water supply systems allows Remvodplast plus specialists quickly and efficiently perform the work and prevent the occurrence of malfunctions and accidents.

Laying of water supply is carried out with the use of certified materials of high quality by modern building machines and mechanisms, so that the work is done well and on time.

Design and laying of water pipelines is done on consideration of local conditions such as soil structure, water pressure, water-supply systems current status and other parameters. Such an approach ensures long, trouble-free service life of the water supply systems and high operational characteristics.

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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