Internal and External Networks

Remvodplast Plus offers services for the integrated design and installation of internal and external water supply network and water disposal. It should have clear understanding of differences in terminology and purpose of internal and external networks:

Internal network of water supply / disposal is a system of pipelines and devices, providing supply / disposal of water or wastewater within the boundaries of the external contour of the building and facilities.

External water supply is a complex of facilities, gravity flow and pressure networks, serving for diversion of water from water sources, its purification up to standard indicators and supply to consumers.

Outdoor sewerage is a set of interrelated structures intended for the collection, transportation, treatment of sewage water of various origins and discharge of treated wastewater into receiving water pond or feeding it on the recycling facilities. It includes sewer network, pumping stations, regulating and emergency regulating reservoirs, as well as treatment plants.

Reliable and uninterrupted operation of the whole complex of networks and facilities, both internal and external is needed for the provision of a comfortable life for population and maintenance of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of cities. Therefore, correctness of decisions taken at the initial stage of design, play an important role and impact on future work of the systems.

Design of internal and external networks of water supply and disposal systems:

Specialists of RVP plus know that the design of water supply and sewage system should be integrated with the development of the entire working documentation of the construction site, in such case engineering communications will be mutually aligned. The basis for the design of water supply and sewage system is a result of hydraulic calculations (by diameter of pipes and parameters of equipment). The next step in the development of pipelines laying scheme is determining the location of pumping systems and sewage treatment plants. Designer should take into account a number of factors, namely, the frequency of their use, topography, composition and characteristics of the soil, climatic conditions, network load, operating conditions, pressure in the system, etc. Design of water supply and sewage is developed in accordance with norms and rules of design applicable in the territory of Ukraine.

“RVP plus” designs such systems as:

— Internal water supply systems;

— Domestic sewage;

— Stormwater sewege;

— External water supply and sewage systems.

Thanks to the sophisticated and streamlined scheme, the customer receives high quality project ready for implementation a strictly specified time.

Installation of internal and external network of water supply and sewage:


Routing and replacing of the network is carried out:

with the use of the latest technological equipment:

with the participation of the best specialists in this sphere who have an impressive experience;

in a short time;

at the most favorable price.

Only true professionals are involved in works. This means that high-quality work will be fully implemented in the shortest time!

All works are within Remvodplast plus’ scope of abilities!

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