Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants and sewer systems intended for the collection, transportation and treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater. They are used in industry and for the functioning of cottage and dacha settlements, residential areas, housing and communal enterprises, etc. These construction and systems are built in accordance with specially designed projects with consideration of functions and other features of the object.

The treatment plant is an integrated system of different modules, which generally forms a single system. It includes several stages of wastewater treatment, thereby achieving high efficiency of the process. During the construction of sewage treatment plants, the following basic methods of wastewater treatment are used: biological, chemical (use of septic) and mechanical (separators). The most effective is a combined method of cleaning.

Remvodplast Plus offers:

  • design of sewage treatment plants,
  • installation of sewage treatment plants,
  • putting facilities into operation.

Design of sewage treatment plants

Our design department in conjunction with qualified technologists develop advanced wastewater treatment systems. All the projects offered by our company meet the applicable standards of legislation and environmental requirements. We design treatment plants (domestic and industrial) and sewer systems in the shortest time. During the design of wastewater treatment facilities, specialists of Remvodplast Plus apply innovative technologies and international developments in the area of treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater. Thanks to the technology used in the preparation of the project, it is possible to reduce the operation cost of treatment facilities, raise the level of wastewater treatment and minimize the impact on the environment.


Installation of sewage treatment plants

Specialists of Remvodplast plus will make installation of treatment systems professionally and efficiently. Professional and competent approach to solving issues when installing equipment allows performing work at a high level. We carry out installation of wastewater treatment facilities considering all individual needs and conditions of the customer object. In preparation for the installation, all the factors that may affect the stable operation of the treatment plant are considered. For example: weather conditions, topography, etc.

We are constantly improving and therefore offer our customers the most effective solutions in this area, which allows obtaining excellent results in matters of wastewater treatment. Choosing Remvodplast Plus, you will have a real example of the merits of our company in the design, installation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities. All sewage treatment facilities constructed by us are of maximum safety for humans and the environment. They are reliable, simple and durable in operation. And the level of process automation and energy-saving technologies can significantly reduce operating costs, which decreases the payback period.

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"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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