Sewage Pumping Station

Sewage Pumping Station are used for storage and discharge of industrial wastewater, communal and domestic sewage. The stations are made in the form of containers of different sizes equipped with a pump. The container is tightly closed to avoid getting out of gases and liquids. The pump is used for evacuating wastewater to a centralized sewage stations or directly to the place of biological purification. Sewage pumping stations can be installed on communal and industrial objects or used for household needs.

Design and installation of Sewage Pumping Station

Remvodplast Plus develops project documentation and install a sewage pumping station for industrial, residential, hotel complexes, etc. Specialists of the company will calculate the required power station, the depth of the reservoir location for receiving wastewater. We also prepare permits and coordinate interaction with community organizations.

Remvodplast Plus performs a full range of works on installation of sewage pumping stations in accordance with the standards and requirements of applicable law. We install using high quality and reliable equipment, which is chosen in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Our company has established partner relations with manufacturers and suppliers of modern pumping equipment for water and other fluids. This makes it possible to equip the stations with high quality components at the sites of any purpose and set affordable prices for our services.

Benefits of Remvodplast Plus sewage pumping stations:

  • Integrated approach and responsibility
  • Use of the latest equipment and high quality components.
  • Reliability and durability in operation.
  • Resistance to external influences and corrosion.
  • Ability to implement different projects.

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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