Pool has many advantages, it allows relaxing after a busy day. It is also used use for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Today swimming pools are used in private homes, wellness center and sports facilities.

,p> Remvodplast Plus offers to build pools for private and commercial use. We will build you any kind of pool- outdoor, indoor, sports, fix-site and others. Today spa pools are the most popular. The scheme and installation process for any type of pool requires a competent and professional approach. After all, a pool is a complex system, which includes special installation technology and equipment. Only relevant experience and engineering skills are needed to build it correctly.

Development of schemes and installation of pools

Remvodplast Plus develops schemes, assemblies and installs equipment for pools. Our specialists will make qualitative installation of pool, starting from pool deck fixation to commissioning of all its systems. We offer a variety of technical solutions and models of pools, as well as select equipment in accordance with the selected model. It will provide an opportunity to find the optimal solution for maintenance and operation of the pool. The entire installation process is carried out in compliance with the production technology works and existing regulations.

Remvodplast plus uses the best modern pool equipment that will be safe and properly operating for many years. Thanks to cooperation with the leading manufacturers of components swimming pools, our company offers an affordable cost of the works. Experienced professionals who provide high quality work are employed in Remvodplast plus. We are capable to build a pool of any complexity: for holiday home or for public use. We guarantee long-lasting and reliable operation and enjoyment from their use. All pools built by our company will be a nice decoration for a cottage or sports complex.

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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