Thermal Sanitation of Buildings

Thermal sanitation of buildings or building insulation is becoming increasingly popular in our country and it can significantly reduce energy consumption. Thermal sanitation is used both for the construction of new buildings and renovation of old ones. But before performing insulation, the building is served. Energy audit – is a survey of the objects to determine the level of its energy efficiency and identify measures of its increase. Thermal sanitation means insulation with special thermal insulation materials. It provides an opportunity to reduce heating costs in winter and cooling in summer. This method allows protecting the facade of building from the effects of atmospheric precipitation, high and low temperatures and prolongs the time of its operation

Remvodplast Plus offers the performance of works:

  • energy audit of buildings,
  • thermal sanitation of buildings,
  • selection of materials,
  • free consultations on energy audits and of buildings and thermal sanitation of buildings.

REMVODPLAST PLUS provides professional and high quality energy audits of buildings. We perform energy inspection of apartment buildings, buildings of enterprises and organizations for further assessment of the effectiveness of the use of energy and fuel resources. During the inspection of objects, we make technical and economic analysis of energy consumption of the building and heat loss calculation, and then we make recommendations and develop the project. Energy audit allows determining the extent of heat loss and do the calculation to minimize it. Work on the survey is carried out with the help of modern technology and devices for diagnosis, such as thermal imagers. After conducting an energy audit, our specialists make a plan of actions to implement energy-saving technologies.
The company will help you to assess the potential possibilities for energy savings and make the selection of materials for thermal sanitation. We will skillfully determine the main causes of excessive energy consumption in the building. We will calculate the thickness of insulation and make a plan of thermal sanitation. It includes not only the insulation of walls, but the roof and foundation, and replacement of old windows and doors. The company produces insulation of new and old buildings by modern materials, while not breaking their architectural appearance. Only modern techniques are applied. Survey and subsequent insulation is carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ukrainian legislation. All this allows the company to carry out insulation of objects of any size in the shortest possible time and qualitatively.
REMVODPLAST Plus guarantees energy audit and thermal sanitation of high quality. We offer our customer an individual approach and the cost of our work within the budget of the customer.

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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