Internal and External Networks

REMVODPLAST PLUS” is engaged in the design, installation and commissioning of all types of engineering networks.
Remvodplast Plus provides:

  • Remvodplast Plus provides:
  • installation of internal and external engineering networks,
  • selection of materials,
  • reconstruction of internal and external engineering networks,

We offer our customers a full range of services, from preparing the design of networks and documentation to installation and commissioning.
Before laying external and internal engineering networks, our company made a thorough analysis of the design. This makes it possible to observe all the requirements for the operation of the object and comfortable living conditions. Our specialists will develop documentation, diagrams and wiring of networks. While working on a design we take into account the location of the object, climatic conditions, interrelation with other communications, load on the network, pressure in the system, conditions of use, and others. In the process of developing a plan of networks and their installation, our specialists also offer energy saving schemes, which allow reduction of costs and heat loss.
We offer our customers only competently executed projects that ensure long and trouble-free operation of internal and external networks. Construction of internal and external networks is done by experienced specialists of our company, as evidenced by a stable and trouble-free operation of objects. You can be sure that any design and installation will be carried out at a high level. We will prepare the design of internal and external networks, which fully comply with safety standards and the applicable national legislation. In addition, construction of networks requires not only knowledge and experience in this field, but also the availability of modern technical equipment. Our company has reliable equipment and technology, ensure high quality and reliable installation of engineering networks.
REMVODPLAST Plus guarantees quality and reliability of the works, as well as individual approach to each client.

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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