Heating Units

A heating unit – is an automated installation that transmits heat from external heat networks (thermal power plant , boiler) to the system of heating, ventilation and hot water supply for residential and industrial premises.


Heating units are divided into:

  • Modular heating unit is a fully factory finished product that allows connection of the reconstructed or newly built facilities to heat networks in the short term.
  • Central heating unit serves two or more buildings. It provides a building with hot water all year round and with heat in the heating season.
  • Individual heater is a heating unit, serving one building or a part of it.

Remvodplast Plus provides a full range of works:

  • Design of heat units
  • Selection of equipment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Reconstruction of heat units

At sites equipped with our heating units, a great attention is paid to energy efficiency and energy conservation.
Heating units, offered by us, include only the most modern and reliable equipment that reduces heat loss and energy consumption.
In addition, the use of automated heat units reduces the operating costs by 30-40%, as maintenance of modular heating unit requires fewer personnel and has a much smaller interrepair period than older shell and tube heat units.
You will be able to implement any projects of individual heating units and resolve any issues regarding energy conservation with REMVODPLAST PLUS. We can help you reduce energy costs and create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the home or office.

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