Since 2006 “REMVODPLAST Plus” is engaged in the design, installation and commissioning of boilers operating on different types of fuel. We design and build modern boilers, both for country houses and for urban districts and enterprises.
Remvodplast Plus offers:

  • design and installation of boilers,
  • reconstruction of boilers,
  • commissioning boilers into operation,
  • selection of equipment,
  • conversion of steam boilers in hot water mode.

We offer our customers advanced solutions in the design, which ensure high efficiency of the boiler operation. The company’s specialists perform a detailed analysis of the object, calculation of heat loss, calculation of water consumption, and monitoring of temperature conditions in premises. All this makes it possible to create contemporary designs of boilers, and reduce the cost of energy consumption. We guarantee professional execution of thermal and hydraulic calculations and stable operation of the boiler.
For our country, the problems of energy saving and energy efficiency are highly relevant. Our company successfully solves these problems. We introduce modern heating systems, and install equipment that increases energy efficiency of the boiler: frequency converters, smooth-start systems for electric motors, energy metering devices, and dispatching systems. It allows saving energy and make the automation of all the processes of heat, gas and water supply in the boiler.

Entrusting installation to Remvodplast Plus, you will ensure a safe and efficient operation of the boiler and in your homes and offices will always be warm and cozy. If you have any questions about the design and construction of boilers, we will provide a free consultation.

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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