Cogeneration Plants

Cogeneration plant – is a device for the production of heat and electricity. They are able to provide residential complexes and industrial enterprises with electric and thermal energy simultaneously. Diesel, gas or alternative fuels (biogas) can be used as a source of energy generation.

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for companies, which resulted in growing popularity of cogeneration plants. Heat generated by them can also be used for industrial cooling. Cogeneration plant is used for residential buildings, hotels, business – centers, industrial buildings, etc..

Design and installation of cogeneration plants

Remvodplast Plus produces designs of cogeneration plants. We have enough experience in this field. Cogeneration plants built by our company successfully work in households and industries in many cities across the country.

Cogeneration plants give a lot of advantages in use: they reduce self cost of electricity and heat, energy consumption, provide objects with uninterrupted power supply and fast payback.

An integrated approach takes into account all aspects of the use of plants that enables to do the most effective calculations and installation. It becomes a guarantee of high quality and long trouble-free operation.

Designs are developed by specialists of high level. In addition, the latest energy-saving technologies reduce the cost of heat and electricity. We carry out selection of the optimum equipment that best fits for all tasks on energy efficiency, costs minimization, stable and trouble-free operation.

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