Conversion of Gas Boilers for the Wood Chips, Pellets and Coal

At present heat and power sector of our country is dependent on natural gas. Practically all boilers run on natural gas in Ukraine. But in the conditions unstable gas supplies, their work is under the threat and the population may be left without heat. Therefore, the transfer of gas boilers for wood chips, pellets and coal is particularly relevant and cost effective in the current difficult conditions. This will give an opportunity to solve simultaneously several global problems: to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.
REMVODPLAST PLUS makes the conversion of gas boilers to work on solid fuel: wood chips, pellets and coal.
Company offers:

  • assistance in conversion of gas boilers for coal, wood chips and pellets,
  • design of boilers for solid fuel, bunkers, pipelines, storages for fuel,
  • installation of boilers for solid fuels, bunkers, conveyors, storages for fuel,
  • as well as a guarantee on the performed works and free consultations.

Our staff will make an analysis of the thermal system, estimate power capacity of the boiler, and perform the calculation of thermal loads. Based on the data, the best kind of solid fuels will be offered: coal, wood chips or pellets for each customer individually. Also, we make the selection of necessary equipment, which is the most appropriate to use in the boiler. The company works with reliable suppliers of boilers and furnace extension. So that all boilers installed by us are of high quality and reliability, and cost of services remain affordable.
The company’s specialists will not only help to make the conversion from gas to solid fuels, but also calculate the economic effect of the reconstruction. While preparing a design, we make a feasibility study, which reduces the costs for heat production. Thanks to precise calculations, use of energy-saving technologies and competent selection of equipment, the boiler designed by us result in fairly quick achievement of high economic effect. We can help reduce the cost of solid fuel to generate heat in public utility heating in two – three times. And conditions of industrial use, conversion of gas boiler for solid fuel will not only save money on energy resources, but also to meet the demand for hot water and even electricity.
REMVODPLAST PLUS has experience in the energy sector. We have implemented a number of projects on gas boilers conversion for solid fuels. All objects, built and equipped by us successfully operate and justified the current investments. Works on boilers design are based on building regulations and norms of current legislation. Design preparation and installation of the boiler is performed by experienced professionals with the use of reliable modern technology.

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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