System of street and industrial lighting

Comfort on the street or in the production area depends on how correctly the lighting has been chosen. Remvodplast Plus offers a full range of services for the design and installation of street and industrial lighting.

We provide design and installation:

  • street lighting,
  • industrial lighting.

We also negotiate permissive documentation. Thus, in our company the customer can get a wide range of work, starting from selection of the optimal type of lighting devices to their installation and commissioning. Remvodplast Plus develops lighting projects for cottage settlements, office buildings, retail and warehouse pavilions, factory shops and other industrial areas. We make design and installation of street lighting, roads, sports facilities, parks, architectural constructions, and more.

Design of street and industrial lighting

Our specialists design street or industrial lighting considering with all aspects: features of the architecture, functional use, and technical possibilities of the object. The developed projects meet the requirements and standards established at the legislative level. Our specialists not only select the right kind of lighting for the street or factory shops, but they also calculate the optimum number for a certain section of the street or area of industrial facility and provide the necessary level of illumination. Power capacity and appearance will be taken into account when choosing the lighting, as well as its energy efficiency, which is especially important for modern enterprises. We have experience in the design and implementation of lighting technology based on LEDs. Thanks to the large variety of LED devices and other wiring elements, the company’s specialists offer customers lighting equipment, which is the most appropriate to the project. This makes it possible to implement all stages of the project at the maximum quality, as well as use finances in the most effective way.

Installation of street and industrial lighting

Innovative lighting technologies are used during the installation. Modern software systems are used for the installation of objects to comply with the required angle and magnitude of light. It is especially actual for industrial facilities where it is important to ensure normal working conditions. The company cooperates with suppliers without intermediaries, and therefore we provide customers affordable prices for equipment and lighting. Warranty for the installation works is 5 years. We are also pleased to offer maintenance service of lighting systems. Own fleet of vehicles contributes to fast and qualitative performance of works. Modern crane and aerial platform are used for works.

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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