6-10 kW Substations

Transformer substations (TS) with a voltage of 6-10 kW are widely used in various fields: industry, construction, power systems of urban districts, and so on. They are used to convert electrical energy and then supplying it to the customer.

Remvodplast Plus provides a complete cycle for the preparation of technical and design documentation, installation and commissioning of 6-10 kW substation. Concerning TS 6-10 kW, we offer the

  • -Designing 6-10 kW substation
  • -Installation of substations
  • -Assembly of panels
  • -Negotiating approvals and permits

Design of 6-10 kW substation

Our experts not only offer a detailed design, but also provide the best solutions to all the technical and functional problems at all stages. In addition, we provide services for the preparation of technical specifications, which includes the concept, description, structure, specification and order of work on arrangement of the substation.

Installation of substations and assembly of panels

Remvodplast Plus offers a full range of installation services. After approval of the design, our specialists will make installation, adjustment of equipment and commissioning of the object. We will train your employees.

The company assembles control cabinets, control panels, as well as all necessary for substation automation devices on its own assembly site. Due to high professionalism and rich experience, our professionals – installers efficiently perform the installation work. We also install substation in accordance with the customer’s design.

Remvodplast Plus has established partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of transformers. This allows us to offer our customers the best prices for the full range of work.

Coordinating approvals and permits

Becoming a customer of our company, you can be confident in the reliability and high quality of the offered services. Specialists will also prepare and coordinate the necessary approval and permits thereby relieving the customer from the hassle. After all, the company undertakes to resolve all procedural matters at all stages – from design to commissioning.

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