Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterrupted power supply makes it more comfortable to stay in the house and at work. Devices for uninterrupted power supply are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. An important part of this system is a power inverter. These uninterruptible power supplies are capable of converting power from the grid, solar or generator to the standard 220 V or 380 V. This makes it possible to provide the required voltage and power for consumers in the home or office.

Remvodplast Plus offers effective technical solutions for uninterrupted power supply systems. Specialists of the company make g the design and installation of such systems.

Remvodplast Plus offers the following types of work on providing the uninterruptible power supply:

  • design,
  • installation of equipment,
  • preparation and start of equipment
  • testing and commissioning,
  • maintenance service after the commissioning.

Design of uninterruptible power supply

Loads and estimated weak points are calculated during the development of the terms of reference. Layout of cables and electrical equipment is also composed. The company’s specialists take into account the specifics of the building and the expected loads in the calculations. After approval of the project, documentation is made approved with regulatory agencies. And only after that the company starts implementation of the project.

Installation of uninterruptible power supply

After approval of the project documentation installation work, testing and commissioning of the system hardware is made. The company provides services for installation of modern systems of uninterrupted power supply, which makes it possible to provide with power a building of any type and size. We have experience in the equipping offices, business centers, industrial and construction sites, and objects of shopping purpose. When needed, auxiliary installations : fire extinguishing systems, ventilation, and others are installed. After launching the uninterruptible power supply, the company makes service maintenance.

Our company ensures safe installation and long-term operation of the plant power. Over the entire period Remvodplast Plus has implemented a variety of projects, including the installation of uninterruptible power supply in the industrial and communal area. The company has strong partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of large generators. This enables us to offer the best solutions in the selection of equipment in the quality-price ratio. Thus, it allows reducing costs for the entire range of activities.

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