General design

General design is a complex process of building an object of construction or its renovation. It begins with the collection of data, agreement of budgets and sketches, and ends with architectural supervision over the implementation of the project and monitoring tasks in accordance with the existing project documentation.
REMVODPLAST PLUS is general contracting organization that specializes in the design of automation networks, electricity supply, communications, water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.
Design work is this is a very important stage in the construction. The main objective of project organization is a qualitative production of design documentation, according to which construction work will be carried out in the future.
In order to provide a new or renovated object with energy resources and other communications needed for its life support, all stages of design must be to executed:

  1. Competent and correct compilation of technical specifications;
  2. Obtainning from the customer source data, their analysis and study;
  3. Organizational and technological preparatory phase;
  4. Development of the project in the following stages:
    – Preliminary design (PD);
    – Design (D);
    – Working design (RP);
    – Working documentation (P).
  5. cost estimates;
  6. examination and approval of the project;
  7. architectural supervision over the execution of construction works;
  8. assistance in commissioning the object;
  9. providing achievement of the object design capacity.

While developing designs, REMVODPLAST PLUS uses all the necessary regulatory documentation. Specialist constantly monitor and tracks all changes in the legal framework. When making design decisions, engineers are guided with modern trends and requirements aimed at improving energy efficiency and environmental safety of the facility.
Modern software and information systems, systems of program and office software have been implemented for qualitative and fast execution of works.
All technical documentation was developed by REMVODPLAST PLUS in accordance with the established SDDC standards (System of design documents for construction), as well as ESKD (Unified system for design documentation).
All working documents is designed so to be able immediately begin construction and installation work. Customer is provided with a complete package of design documentation:

  • set of drawings for all types of work;
  • explanatory note;
  • sheets of material requirements and equipment specifications;
  • sheets on volumes of construction and installation work;
  • cost estimates.

In order to reduce the cost of construction, REMVODPLAST PLUS offers a complex design of engineering systems. We have a dedicated professional for each type of work that allows uniting in one order the design of all types of communications. This will help ensure staying within the agreed time and reduce the cost of designing.

Using our services for the design, you will receive:

  • compliance with all technical standards and requirements in the design;
  • optimization of the process for designs approval
  • qualitative and fast implementation of all project activities

We are glad to see you among our customers!


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