General Contracting

General contract from RVP Plus is organization of construction production of facilities that require a serious engineering approach and agree works, dozens of professionals of various building specialties.

What is general contracting? What are the types of general contracting? Let’s try to answer these questions. Any amount of work on construction and reconstruction requires high professionalism and almost “military-style” organization of labor. Any participant in the construction should be aware that contracting is primarily RISKS.

Estimation, distribution and minimization these risks is the most important task of all participants in the construction.

Unfortunately, fundamental truth of a builder, known since time immemorial, is often forgotten and lost in the pursuit of good indicators (time and money). As punishment, such participants in construction process loose the both. Therefore, a key objective of the Customer is the right choice of General contractor. It must be professional, well-organized, having a positive experience in building similar objects and having a real positive feedback from other customers.

Usually a large amount of various specialized capital construction works and / or reconstruction requires participation of several organizations that carry out mounting and adjustment in their direction. Therefore, we present you some typical scheme of General contracting:

1) General contractor (contract holder) enters into contracts on general contracting, but does not conduct the construction work by its own forces . As a rule, such a company can operate on two schemes:

A) General contractor buys purchases major equipment, possibly materials (or any part thereof), and distributes finances to pay subcontractors but IT DOES NOT EXERCISE OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT of construction site, delegating this function to one of the subcontractors (to a group of Subcontractors), organization or person who carries out technical supervision. This form of work is accepted by many general contracting companies carrying out their primary function (work with finances) as system. They either initially finance the object wholly or partly allowing the Customers not to freeze its money to finance the object, or hold a tender for the purchase of Customer’s recourses and monitor the progress of construction work.

In fact, having made the first payment of 5-15%, the Customers pay the balance upon completion of the construction or even after commissioning. As a rule, such a general contracting scheme is very common in Europe, but it usually involves bank capital. This scheme is mainly offered by the Customer’s bank that thus minimizes the risks associated with the construction of the object.

B) In addition to the purchase of major equipment and materials, General contractor HAS ITS OWN ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL STRUCTURE and holds operational management directly at the construction site.

2) General contractor (general construction) is a company that execute works by its own forces only in several directions (usually iron, concrete, stone structures and sometimes earthworks in case of having own special equipment). In case of having specialists (in staff or involved), interior engineering networks (water, sewer, electricity, and ventilation) can be performed. In such type of general contracting, subcontractors are involved for highly specialized work, such as installation and adjustment of external engineering networks of boiler, electrical substation, and gas facilities. This General Contract is mainly typical for objects of civil construction: residential and administrative buildings. 90% of housing construction is implemented like this.

3) General Contracting (specialized) is when the company-General Contractor has a fleet of special equipment, facilities and production of individual special goods and a large staff of engineers and technical workers in the industrial engineering department intended for specialists of narrow profile (example: installation of the equipment for boiler, sewage treatment plants, chemical, metallurgical, food, and other industries).

This sort of general contracting is typical for specialized companies, where the workload is high enough and the timing of contracts amounts to several years (construction of roads, main pipelines, and power transmission lines of a national scale). Therefore, sub-contractors are involved at large volumes of production, they are usually “colleagues and competitors”, similar highly specialized company.

Private Company “RVP PLUS” is considered to be a General Contractor of the third type. Our specialty:

WATER – complex facilities of water treatment: filter stations, water conditioning and purification facilities, wastewater treatment plants, sewage-pumping stations and pumping stations of 1-3 lifting.

HEAT – objects of heat generation and heat distribution: high power boilers, central heating units, individual heating units, and boilers.

ELECTRICITY – objects of electrical energy distribution and transformation, substations 6-35 kW,

Cogeneration plants, distribution systems, lighting.

Experience of dozen implemented projects and professional composition of the staff allow solving the most complex engineering problems.

We will be glad to meet you.

Commercial Director of Remvodplast Plus

Kazmirsky Roman Yurievich

galochka Our company is a full member of the
"Ukrainian Association of water supply and sanitation sector “UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIYA”

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