Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Issues of energy efficiency and conservation are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. These two concepts are united by a common goal- to save energy and use it correctly. Energy efficiency – is the use of certain technologies that allow reduction of energy consumption, while not changing the rules for its application by consumer. Energy conservation in its turn represents a number of activities aimed at saving energy and its efficient use.
REMVODPLAST PLUS offers solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of enterprises and public utilities. The company develops and implements the latest technologies in the field of energy conservation and efficiency, based on the laws and requirements. We not only develop individual projects, but also have a ready-made solution that allows implementation of energy-saving techniques in the most efficient way.
Professional approach to energy-saving technologies allows us to obtain a high economic impact and rapid return on investment. During project development, the company’s specialists analyze the effective use of energy resources. We also determine the potential of energy saving, which allows minimizing the cost of fuel and energy. The company offers the best possible solutions in this regard. For example, we have as a result of energy saving measures developed by us, significant reduction in the consumption of heat and energy and cost reduction for its generation is seen in the conversion of gas boilers for solid fuels..
We can offer customers different ways, which will help to reduce energy consumption in an apartment building or industrial complex. In our arsenal, there are a variety of technologies and energy-saving equipment. Frequency converters for water pumps, blowers, exhaust fans, compressors reduce the cost of energy consumption. Special insulating structures for thermal sanitation are used to reduce energy loss in buildings. The company also has experience in implementing, civil and industrial heat pumps and solar sewers. Our specialists will make a competent selection of equipment and components for energy saving projects to provide real energy saving.
Qualified employees of the company have practical experience in the implementation of energy efficient objects. In preparation for the installation we monitor objects, make a list of parameters that affect the energy consumption. The company’s specialists competently carry out assembly, installation and maintenance of energy-efficient systems.
We guarantee high quality of work and reliability. REMVODPLAST PLUS works towards building a strong, mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with customers and partners. Therefore, we are trying to do our work so that our customers want to continue to work with our company in the implementation of other projects.

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